Monthly Archives: March 2015

It’s not just Sam

Eli and Grace spent some time with Andrew and Ava this afternoon, and their gardener was there. If there is gardening work to be done….


Pretty hair

Donné was lying on the bed next to Eli saying good night to him and he, as usual, was holding her hair. She says, “Do you love my hair Eli?” and he answers, “Yes….pretty hair.”

Becc’s birthday

After the morning party, we joined Rory and Charis to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday. Good food, chill company and happy children.

Happy birthday Rebecca!


Yummy cake which Donné consulted on. Charis did most of the hard work, and Donné helped out with the icing, advice and moral support.


Focusing in to ice some cupcakes


The cupcake icing approval committee doing inspection, and offering assistance to anyone in need


Some of the boys were testing out the dog box for size – Eli decided he would like to check it out too


Who’s out?

Today was a big party day, first Rachael’s pary, then on to Rebecca’s this afternoon. Both were great and we got to spend time with new and old friends.

I didn’t have my camera with me this morning, but did get a little video of them playing musical statues with Eli-the-bee being a cutie.

School feedback

We had our feedback session for the term with Grace’s teachers today, and she is doing very well overall. Her reading and numbers are progressing nicely. Her writing is her weakest area, but she just needs to keep practising. She loves to help the younger children, herding them like a mother hen so that she can explain numbers or whatever work they’re busy with (which is what she loves to do with Eli too). They are also happy that she will be very ready to join the junior primary next year, both on an academic and a social level.

I’m really happy that she has found her groove and is happy and settled in the school. We’ve gone from her struggling to readjust after the holidays, to settling into the focussed work and zoning in, and recently she has started asked to be dropped off at the gate (not the classroom), so she is feeling more confident and settled.

Over the cargo net

Up and over with a little help from big sis

Reading explosion

Over the last month or so Grace has been working really hard at her reading. She has been bringing books home to practice reading, working on learning sight (puzzle) words, and picking things up really quickly. Her reading ability has exploded, and she has been loving it.

Yesterday she brought home Zak the Cat…..