Monthly Archives: August 2013

Head, shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes

..and eye infection, ears and throat, that’s how the weekend goes, weekend goes.

If Grace has a day sleep, then we can just about be sure she is sick, and if Eli cries inconsolably, then we know that it’s time for a visit to the doctor. We were fortunate with Grace, she was hardly sick in the first year of her life (and then caught up in the second). Eli has not been so fortunate (but is also exposed to schoolchildren and goes out much more than Grace ever did). He has an ear and throat infection which will hopefully clear quickly.

The eye infection, that belongs to me.

Even though I woke up feeling fine, but by lunch time my one eye was swollen, puffy and full of muck and the other eye was starting to produce muck. Off to the doctor, some strong meds and today things are looking much better. Looking at myself in the mirror this morning was a bit of surprise though. It is strange when you look at yourself and think, “That doesn’t really look like me.” With puffy eyes and swollen eyelids I looked a bit like a beaten up hobo. Thanks to God, even though I looked like that, everything has been clearing nicely.

One way to make supper

There are lots of ways, and this is definitely not the normal way.


Eli watching One Direction music videos on a cellphone


And Grace watching Doc McStuffins on the tablet


The funniest sister

Eli was full of laughs today, and the person who makes him laugh the most is his sister.

Out of the mouth of Grace

Grace was saying something that we weren’t understanding this morning, she starts getting frustrated at our lack of understanding and says, “Don’t get you knickers in your head.” (I think she meant don’t get them in a twist).

While we were eating I made a joke and Grace says, “Whatever do you mean?”

And yesterday she is traipsing around saying, “And to make matters worse…”

Tony toothmouse

To celebrate 11 months of life, Eli has popped his fifth tooth.

Coincidentally, Tony the Toothmouse came to visit at Grace’s school today and made a huge impression. All that Grace spoke about today was Tony. “When I had a photo with him, he was sooo warm and furry. He was shy so we had to sit quietly. He was so funny, but I didn’t laugh, just inside my head, but then he danced and Catelin and me laughed and laughed. He had pink ears, and a tail. He was big, like an adult….so he’s not really a mouse.”

The princess mermaid and the little fairy

Grace, the princess mermaid…


…and her little side kick, Eli the fairy bug



A summer party

Grace: “Mommy, will parties in the springtime have slip-n-slides?”
DonnĂ©: “Grace, are you missing the summer parties with slip-n-slides? Unfortunately you won’t ever be able to have one of those on your birthday….unless we happened to live in the Northern Hemisphere, close to cousin Kaiya. Then your birthday would be in the heat of summer.”
Grace: Pause….”Mommy, can you organise a play date with cousin Kaiya?”