Monthly Archives: April 2013

Brother and sister

Loving each other


Could I get a handful of that hair sis?


We’re not so sure why eye poking is so funny


Hmmm, dried mango


After swimming lessons…

…this is what it looks like


There is even an exact spot where he passes out on the way home, on a short section of road between two traffic circles. Moaning a bit around the first one, silent by the second.

Swimming is going really well so far. He is enjoying the water, kicking lots, okay if he happens to put his face water, and full of smiles.

In other news Eli pushed himself up onto all fours today. Now he just needs to figure out the coordination part.

Tap bouncing

What happens when taps shoes and a bouncy ball come together?

I am going to be pissed

Hair straightened, wings on – all ready for the party


Grace and Donné were getting ready for Catelin’s birthday party and Grace says, “If there are boys at the party, I’m going to be pissed.”

Donné and I look at each other…..did she really just say that? No surely not….and if she did, where would she have picked that up from? It is just not something that we say.

“Grace, what did you just say?”
“I’m going to be pissed!”
……..ummmm……then Donné twigged, “Are you going to be unimpressed?”
“Yes, m-pressed.” Phew.

Grace, Catelin and Emma enjoying the party


While they were out Eli and I went for a walk….and he didn’t make it back. His first sleep in the Ergo.


Honouring a blessing

I had a meeting with a new client this morning, and then spent  fair amount of time with one of the guys that I work with, working through some technical issues and getting better at how we work together.

At the end of the day I was thinking about all the various projects, and the people I work with, and was quite in awe of how blessed I have been in my business. I have a growing business with more work coming in than we can handle, clients who always pay promptly, and great people to work with.

I want to honour God for the blessing that He has given us in the business – it is a wonderful blessing and we are truly grateful for everything that it means for our family.

I’m still a far way off from the goals I plan to achieved, but trust that God will help me walk the path necessary to get there.

Thank you Father God, and may you bless our business.

Num, num, num….the teeth slowly come…


The End of the World

Grace had her baby-chino in hand this morning and was walking to her table when she stumbled and the cup fell over in the saucer, and she says, “Ahhhh! That is the end of the world!” Fortunately it wasn’t, and she didn’t even mess because the foam was so stiff.

At lunch Donné says to me, “I see you brother linked to that Dove ad,” and Grace says, “Can my brother lick the dove?”

The awesome gene

At supper the other night we had just finished saying thank you for our food, and Grace says, “Amazing Grace,” (referring to herself that is). And just a few nights ago after I said goodnight she says, “I’m so special.” It’s good to know that she has inherited the awesome gene.

Grace came home in different clothes from school today.

“Grace, what happened that you are wearing different clothes?”
“I slipped, and fell in the water bucket – it was really sore.”
“How did that happen?”
“I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

Seems she also inherited my clumsy gene.