Monthly Archives: February 2013

Slide ‘n fly

Eli was pretty grumpy all day, but the end of the day playing seemed to help him calm for a while

My first raspberry

Eli blew his first raspberry today! And he is 5 months old today

It has been fascinating to watch him working on blowing raspberries. He has been getting excited every time we blow one, and working desperately hard to stick out his tongue. Yesterday we had spats of drool each time he would try, and today – wala – there's a raspberry!

Princess nappy checker

Reading princess stories to brother dear in the tent


What's in your nappy?


Grace loves wrapping things, and it's even more fun when you get to wrap yourself and your brother


Photo shoot

I think I'll just nosh some of this sand mama


This is my, "I can get away with anything," face





Cuteness will get me everywhere


Eli log, stardate -310131.3

Eli is now weighing 7.765kg, rolling well from tummy to back, his sitting is getting more stable, and yesterday he did a beautiful roll from his back to his tummy. He wants to grab anything new that he can see, and he loves his sister (she gets some of the best smiles).

Grace's classic comment from the day, "When can I stop sleeping?" (as in, when can I stop sleeping at night)

Taking brother for a ride in Builder's


Parties & water fun

Ready to go to the fourth birthday party of his life


I think I’ll just take a super chill here in the water table


Water fight!


The long nap

Eli's sleep has been all over the place the last few days. Waking up every two hours at night, erratic day time naps, and a general grumpiness about him. Yes, we've hit the 4 month sleep disturbance.

After waking up a lot last night, he was restless and a bit grumpy this morning, but was fighting going to sleep. Grace and I took him with us to school this morning to give Donné a chance to rest, and then it was time for his vaccinations, so off to the clinic. The little champ made friends in the waiting room (the happy, smiley, bouncy baby makes friends easily), didn't make a sound for the first injection, and only made a tiny moan after the second one….and this was pushing three hours since he woke up. He normally only stays away for an hour or so.

And when we got home he slept…and slept…and slept. Three hours awake, and three hours asleep – the longest daytime sleep he has ever had (they are usually 45 minutes). Maybe it was the large weight holding him down which helped him to sleep.

Spicey loves people pillows


Making pizza