Monthly Archives: January 2013

Bribery and corruption

Oinkey, the pink pig


There have been demonstrations of all of the extra mural activities at school this week. Everyone gets to go and try out extra murals so that they have a chance to decide what they like. Grace was doing ballet and Kindermusik last year, and wanted to do those, but did not want to try out the other extra murals. Monday she flat out refused to try playball. Tuesday she enoyed Kindermusik. Wednesday came and we wanted her to at least try Drumkids, so Donné offered her a surprise as a reward, but she screamed that she didn't want to go when it was time for everyone to try it out. We really wanted her to go to Manners4Minors in the hope that it will help to improve her social skills and ability to express herself, so Donné took her to choose something she wanted (a pink piggy soft toy) and bought her a Kinderjoy, which would be her reward for going. And she went, and loved it, and we heard all about the puppet show today, and she wants to go next week.

Mission accomplished. Yes, it took some bribery and corruption (which might not have even been needed), but at least she tried it.

And she loves that pink piggy and has named it Oinkey.

Fuzzy reading with sis

Now that I can grab things, reading fuzzy books is much more fun


Big sis helps me to hold the book.


And here is a nicer pic of her


Grab it! Sleep it!


Eli has learnt to grab at four months (a month earlier than Grace) and that means having him on your lap during meal times is a bit more difficult…or you just have to eat with your food far away from you.

Our little boy also managed to go to sleep all on his own! Once. For most of this year he has been fighting with me when I try to help put him down in the evenings. If I held him he would just keep crying until mommy came to save the day. At some point I just started putting him down in his bed – because he didn't cry then – and then he started to fall asleep in his bed with some patting. Then one day Donné puts him down and goes out of the room for a while to allow him to settle. Things were quiet so she went to check, and there he is sleeping. Obviously since then we've been having more hassles putting him down, but that is just how parenting goes.

I'm proud of our boy! He is developing nicely. Now he needs to start working on dropping a feed in the middle of the night.

A different sort of veggie garden

Making some veggies


The ever smiling boy (except when he’s grumpy)


It was the first swimming lesson of the year for Grace today, with a new instructor, and it went really well.

Sunday happenings

Early morning guitar lessons (actually from yesterday)


Cookie prep for a visit with the ladies tomorrow


Some friends – André, Suanne, Hannah and Tyler – made the arduous journey from down the road (literally) for an awesome Sunday afternoon visit. It is really super-awesome to have made friends with some really lovely people, whose daughter is in school with Grace, who Grace loves to play with, and they live in our street. Great combo. It is also just so lovely to see Grace playing with such gusto, having fun and going for it full on.

Two Montessori children cleaning up some mess…..but the picture doesn't tell the whole story – after this Grace was all done and I ended up sweeping most of the rice up.


It wasn't long ago that Grace was having a hissy-fit if someone jumped on the trampoline with her, today all three of them were going for it together.


Oh, ice cream, how do I love you?


A chill Saturday

We had a lovely slow day today. Croissants for a lazy late breakfast (even though Eli started the day at 05h30), then off to the Waterfront for a few things.

One thing that Grace wanted to do was to go and see the pirate ship. There is a new pirate song they are singing at school and Grace has been asking about pirates. Me (having a daddy fail last night) starts answering the questions and telling her about real pirates – the kind that steal your stuff and kick you off the boat. Her tears showed me the errors of my ways and from now on I'll just speak about the fun arg-matey type of pirates. Fortunately that was all in the past this morning and she was excited to see the ship, as well as the pirate tatoo artist sitting on the dock.

Eli loved walking around in the moby checking out the world, Grace loved having some gelato, and we all just enjoyed taking it slow with too much of an agenda.

Back home, some chilling and reading inside, and then out into the garden for some water fun in the shell, some chops on the braai and a peaceful end to the day.

A smile for mom

The first few days of school are done, and the start to the new term has gone really well. Grace seems to be enjoying school and her friends, which is great to see, as last term was a challenging one. I'm excited that she is excited for school – let's see where this term takes us.