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One day, many outfits


We’re the kings of the castle…


….and you're the dirty rascals.

Grace is loving making crowns at the moment. Cutting, colouring in, writing names, gluing and stapling – what more could you want from an activity?

That’s not what I wanted

While we were having supper tonight Grace reached over for her water and knocked her cup of juice over. I had to do some dodging, but no problem.She wanted to have some more Energade (her juice of choice) so I got some for her. I was thinking that she has been looking a bit dangerous with that cup, but it's unlikely that she'll knock it over again. Cleaned up and got her some more juice, back to supper. A few moments later she reaches for her cup, doesn't quite grip it correctly and splash, there goes the juice all over the table. Grace bursts into tears and cries, "I didn't want to do that!" Poor baby girl, all she wanted was a drink of juice and her greasy chicken fingers weren't helping.

When I came inside after work today the scene I was greeted with was a kitchen with the fridge standing wide open, and yoghurt blobs from the fridge all the way to the lounge. Donné was busy feeding Eli, and one of the yogurt containers had broken due to a freak manufacturing fault when Grace was getting one….general chaos ensued. Once I had closed the fridge and gotten the details it was time to get Grace back inside to clean, which she did very well. After wiping up the bulk of it, Grace was mopping the floor and I was helping her to squeeze the mop and get fresh water. I then got busy wiping up a part of it and Grace asked Donné to help her with the mop. Donné said to her, "I don't know how to do this," to which Grace replies, "It's easy mama. First you pull this up, then you push it down, then you pull it up again." Mop instructions from a three year old.

There were tears when arriving at school today. They were supposed to have the individual and class photos, but the photographer has been stranded on the far side of a big hole in the N2 in the Eastern Cape. And Grace was really looking forward to the photos today. Fortunately Janine diffused the situation by taking a photo herself. Grace had, after all, been practicing her smile.



The baby swing

Watch on Posterous

Little boy cudddles



Gradually Grace’s colouring in skills are improving


Grace working on her camera skills


Relief snacks

Today we got some relief – Eli returned to normal after a touchy start to the day. It is always difficult to say exactly what has helped, but Donné found Colic Calm which seems to have worked a charm….and does no harm (couldn't resist that last one). So we're had more sleeping and (other than this morning) no crying due to what is clearly discomfort. Thank you Lord.

Grace hasn't really been eating her snack at school, so yesterday morning we were trying to encourage her to eat so that she could feel well for ballet. So she says to us, "I won't need to eat later because I just ate a massive bowl of muesli.".

Things change

I had to go and say that “So far” things have gone relatively well. You know it is always dangerous to say something like that, that the chances are the universe will see it as a taunt and retaliate appropriately. The last couple of days Eli has really been struggling with what appears to be reflux. That means he has been restless during the day, and his sleep keeps getting disturbed by either the discomfort or some spew.Seeing your little baby cry and wriggle in discomfort while you try unsuccessfully to settle them is distressing. Fortunately he has been settling at night.

One thing is for sure though, things will change (again) and it will pass. Having perspective was one of the things that was really difficult the first time around – there were times when it felt like it was never going to end or get better. Now, with a little bit of experience, we know it will pass. For me, that perspective makes such a difference.

Lunchtime dad


If this is the scene at lunch time, then you know it’s been a rough day. Restless baby, moaning 3 year old, worn out mom. Eli had a rough day – he seemed to be having some reflux and was unhappy, which is tired to have to deal with all day, so kudos to Donné for caring for him and looking after our slightly sick and touchy little girl.

I wanted to add some insight from the day, but they all just seemed like platitudes. All we can do is love our children to the best of our abilities.