Monthly Archives: February 2012

A new tooth

After waiting patiently for a tooth I developed a theory that Grace was only going to have 16 teeth…..but today she proved me wrong. Donné felt at the back of her mouth and her left top molar is poking through!


After a shopping trip Grace tucked into the strawberries when no one was looking.

How to share your ice cream


Dipping your head in bubbles is fun

Donné & Grace visited the aquarium with Jack, Kim & Diya and afterwards Grace had some ice cream (which is heading towards being a ritual). Jack also wanted to share in the magic and asked, "Please Gracie, have some." Grace was happy to oblige, she took a spoon, scooped some up and passed it to Jack. Once Jack was finished he asked Grace, "Please Gracie, have some more." Grace took his spoon, took another scoop and passed it back to him.

So, how do you share your ice cream? You stay in control.


Grace has a habit of moaning instead of actually saying "moaning." Like tonight when she had to say sorry for moaning instead of asking nicely for a knife, it went like this,

Duncan: "Grace, say sorry to mommy for moaning instead of asking nicely for the knife."
Grace: "Sorry mommy," moan.
Duncan: "Grace, say sorry for moaning."
Grace: "Sorry," moan.
Duncan: "Grace, use your words."
Grace: "Sorry mommy, moaning," moan.

And by that stage Donné was laughing hard enough that we all just joined in.

After Grace had gone to bed tonight I could hear the pitter-patter of little feet moving around the bedroom. When I went to the room there was a rush of feet just before I got there and Grace was miraculously lying in her bed pretending to be innocent….but she did give herself away. I asked her why she was calling me and she smiled a naughty smile and said, "Gracey watching mommy watching TV." She had been peeking out the gap in her door and watching mommy 🙂

When gagging on butternut…..

….pat yourself on the back, as Grace did today. She gagged on a piece of butternut, then bent slightly forward and started patting herself on the back.

Grace has been very touchy today – like something is wrong – and before she went to bed we gave her some neurofen. A short while after going to bed she called and Donné went to her. She was asking for "Nado" (which is panado) and saying she has a sore head.

Donné: "Grace, you've had neurofen, that will help make your head better."
Grace: "No, only nado make head better."

My first medal


This morning Grace and I went off to our first swimming event. It was the annual swimming association event and our swimming instructor encouraged us to go so that Grace can get more exposure to other children swimming and have some fun. For Grace's group the goal was to swim across the width of the pool on a pool noodle and monkey walk (move along the side of the pool with your hands) to have "passed."

I went with zero expectations. I wasn't even sure if Grace was going to get in the pool with a stranger, and I know that she doesn't swim very far on her own. My goal was just to give her some more exposure and whatever we got beyond that was a bonus. Grace not only got into the water, she even swam half way across with some help and then monkey walked along the edge. She was a little edgy before she got in, but once she was on the noodle she was kicking beautifully – she just had a bit of a look like she was about to cry while she was in the water. Once she was out I understood exactly why she had the quivering lip….in her words, "Very cold!" (which she said over and over again while shivering). She mostly swims in indoor pools, so she is not quite used to the shock of the cold outside pool first thing in the morning. Even so, she did amazingly well in the situation and I was very proud of her, and for her efforts she got her first medal 🙂

Humpty Dumpty

One of my favourite parts of today was sitting at Vida, having a cup of coffee and sharing a punnet of strawberries with Grace. Donné had gone for a facial and after some errands Grace and I sat down to wait for Donné. We chatted a bit and shared the strawberries (Grace ate about three quarters of it!) and then Grace started running around (she ran and danced in circles around a leaf on the ground), pushing the trolley and just having fun.

Later after Donné joined us she started singing Humpty Dumpty….

I look forward to many coffee dates with my little girl. I want to nuture a deep and sharing relationship with her and I will do everything that I can to do that.

Daddy somersaults