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Caleb visited for the morning and Donné had two willing assistants to help her bake cupcakes. I quite enjoyed this story from the day…

Donné gave Grace and Caleb two cupcake holders to fill with the mixture. Grace filled hers and then proceeded to take a big spoonful to eat. Caleb saw this  and said, "Grace, no that is not for eating." Grace stopped with the spoon in front of her mouth and took a moment to contemplate…then gave a naughty smile and gobbled it up.

In other news Grace hopped for the first time today! Yes, it has been a long time coming – who knows why. She was standing dancing to a silly video on Donné's phone and then suddenly – lift off! She did hop once when she was little (before she was even walking). She stood and held onto the back gate and gave a little hop, but today was totally independent.

Yummm, its so beautiful


Grace noshed all her sweets before decorating, but Caleb made some impressive creations. I was really impressed with how well Grace iced the cupcakes though. Top left and bottom right are Grace's creations.


Swimming Sundays

Summer is approaching which means that it is warm enough to go swimming with Grace at the gym again. We get to spend time just having fun and playing in the water. It is special time together that I really enjoy. I cherish it and hope to keep doing it for many years.

Relaxing day in Melkbos

We had a good relaxing Saturday in Melkbos catching up with Em, Jason and Willemien.  Thank you guys for a delicious lunch and a much needed catch up.  It's wonderful to have friends that you can phone on the day and a few hours later be sitting around having lunch together.  Exciting times ahead for the Salzwedels 🙂

Every time Grace takes her boat out Spice jumps in!


This is how we roll – apparently the Hello Kitty bag is a backpack!


Happy Girl

Grace is quite a sensitive child and recently went through an extra sensitive time when visiting with people and going out.  As a result I've been a little anxious recently when going out because I'm not sure how she is going to react. So it made my heart extra happy when yesterday she enjoyed her time playing in the sand with Fiona and Ben and today had loads of fun at the Bradshaw's jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes and scooters, drawing and generally just pottering around. She had so much fun today that even though she had a short (but late) afternoon nap, she was sleeping in 5 minutes this evening – Kim we may just come and visit everyday 🙂



We are fragile as parents. We get worn down from things like waking up in the middle of the night, or just the persistent resistance of a two year old. Sometimes it wears us down to the point of snapping, and other times we manage to haul it all back together. When we fall apart we feel guilty and when we get it right we are proud of ourselves.

We learn about ourselves – the limits of our patience and the limitlessness of our love – and we grow, with each day bringing new experiences which lay the foundations for more patience and more love.

We are imperfect, but that is okay, because we don't need to be perfect to love.

The “bee” addiction

From the moment Grace woke up this morning she started saying "Ganny, Ganny."  She was super excited to see my folks and even wanted to wear the little outfit my dad had bought for her (Keren brought it with her when she visited), which I thought was very sweet.  In the car on the way to meet my parents Grace started crying, Duncan and I weren't sure what she was upset about until I listened carefully and heard her say "bee" which in Grace language = Vida.  Yes our child is addicted to going to Vida and no she doesn't want the coffee.  The guys at Vida have been spoiling her with Lindor balls and well lets just say she likes them!  So although she wanted to see Granny and Grandpa I think she would have preferred meeting them at Vida rather than at Lourensford. 

Grandpa and Grace


Drawing in Grandpa's puzzle book


Sand art and so forth

Today had its challenges, from Grace constantly calling for daddy, to her being really difficult and not going to sleep in her nap time. But it also had times that made us laugh and smile, like Grace saying "Goss" (gross) when offered her sweet potato at supper, laughing while bouncing into mom with the bouncing ball, climbing into some plastic shells while out with mom and saying "camera, camera," and thoroughly enjoying some sand art.

Sand art for the first time today! Grace's thoughts when done? "More, again"