18 months of Adam 

Adam will be 18 months on Saturday,  I can’t believe it, where oh where has the last year and a half gone?
Oh wait, I know it’s been lost to sleep deprivation!! One day in my distant future I hope to recover my ability to find words and complete my train of thought in a non tired haze. Until then thank you dear husband for understanding me even when I’ve said the completely incorrect word. Duncan usually just smiles a little smile and says ‘did you mean…’ 

So let’s take a look at this little man (or not so little man) who has captured all of our hearts with his adventurous spirit and his love for all things physical; climbing, jumping, throwing all things, walking on high narrow walls and playing with his siblings. He weighs 15.3kgs, is 86cm and is wearing 2-3 year clothes and a size 6 – 7 shoe. Interestingly he is 3/4cm taller than his siblings at the same age! 

Adam,  as you start communicating more and develop more into a little person I’m excited to discover what makes you you. 

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