We put up a rope swing for the children and in preparation for Eli’s birthday party next weekend. That had me climbing trees and practicing my knot tying abilities (amongst others) while balancing on a branch.

The children are loving it


Eli has been learning to sew, knit, and crochet and is coming home with amazing things, like this handbag that he made. It is his design and made entirely by him, and he is very proud of it.

Muscle training

Ads is working on his core strength

And general body toning

Thorn among the roses

Eli was the only boy in his class who cracked a nod to Hannah’s birthday party. He seemed to have a good time, but was definitely looking for some boy company at one point. He’s become much more “boyish” over the last 6 months or so, and definitely wants to spend more time playing with the boys.

Enjoying pass the parcel

Sparkle bunny

Every time we leave home or come back into our street, Adam says, “Sparkle bunny.” One of the free ranging bunnies is happy for Adam to feed it and give it a little bit of love, so he has grown very fond of Sparkles (apparently that is the bunny’s name).


Plum trees

One of my highlights from this weekend was walking through the plum orchards on Lourensford during our spring family day and welcoming of the new school head. They are in full bloom and absolutely stunning (but unfortunately I didn’t have a camera with me!)

(Thanks Chloe for the photo)


Also, with Friday being Arbour Day we happened to have bought our own plum trees which we planted today, along with some strawberries. Grace and Eli are excited about expanding the food garden so that if they’re hungry they can just go outside and get some food.

Adam’s pot band

Adam took a pot from the dishwasher to pack away….and then took out all the pots to start his own pot drumming corner (using the small pan as his drumstick)