Carpenter Adam

Carpentry requirements:

  • Ear protection…check
  • Head protection….check (if a police helmet counts)
  • Eye protection….hmmm
  • Hammer….check (in Adam’s world anything or everything is a hammer – at least this time he had the tool right)


Grace’s class did a carnival dance in the school play and after some searching DonnĂ© managed to get hold of the music, so now Grace can dance to her heart’s desire…

The Judo rock

Eli came home from Judo very excited to tell his story about how it took so many people to roll him over, and how Luka (who he calls Luke Skywalker) turned red in the face trying to roll him over. One very excited guy, who is clearly getting stronger.

Here is the less hyper version recorded after the first telling…

James at True Grit

We joined the McKay’s to celebrate James’ birthday at True Grit

Candles proved to be tricky

Little guys tucking in

Working on the bike skills

Pop up fun

We were very kindly invited to join the Hex team celebrate the end of the year. It was a very interesting and fun meal by Slippery Spoon Kitchen who do pop up restaurants and dinner events.

The first course was buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, but with an extra twist of injecting the tomatoes with one of the flavours – truffle oil, machu tea or elderberry vinegar.

Next was their ode to a tiffin box

Tikka chicken, basmati rice, yogurt, and pickled onion on a roti – super yummy

There were beakers full of broth bubbling away on top of a Himalayan salt slab on little gas burners. The next course was a smoked dumpling which the broth was poured over.

The flavour of the broth really developed as you ate it

A TV tray with steak, tuna, bone marrow mash and kimchi

We used the salt slabs to cook the food

The kimchi was something I have never had before and quite enjoyed – the flavour was very unique.

We ended with a beautiful white chocolate and Turkish delight panna cotta with marshmallow filled tulips. There were meringue pieces, popping candy and caviar sprinkled on top

It was a wonderful night out together (made possible by Keren) and a very memorable meal. A huge thank you to Stephan and the Hex team for the opportunity to join them.

Death & Tiffany Aching

It seems that after years of holding back we’re now embracing Halloween as a tradition after our first one last year.

Death & Tiffany Aching (from the Discworld novels)

Policemen, a pirate and the motorcycle magician.


Addy the magic bike rider

Adam’s swimming lesson

Adam has been loving his swimming lessons and after settling into it is quite happy to go with the instructor and do his thing. Hopefully after the first six weeks he’ll be good to go on his own.