Monthly Archives: January 2018

Fort building

The last few days have been all about building the fort – the final Christmas gift (although I know this will keep giving for many, many years)

Fort building photo bomb

Heave ho

Grace and Eli worked together to clear some branches that we cut off to make space for the fort/treehouse we’re busy building. After that they entertained themselves with that rope for quite some time.

Finishing off

Last day in Jbay and what a beautiful day it was.

Last trip down to the sea for some final body boarding

We’ve had some good long walks on the beach with Addy and he has been enjoying the little dunes

Holidays need baking

Fun fair

We went to the fun fair for the first time today! Just a tiny little one at the JBay beach front, but good fun together.

Even though it was a tiny rollercoaster, Grace took some time to get used to the idea of it…but then really enjoyed her 2nd ride. The ride stopped and Addy almost instantly said, “More!”

After the terror of the rollercoaster it was time for something a bit more laid back.

A small upgrade to the placid spinner

And then DonnĂ© and Eli had their first ride ever on the spinning tea cups. Eli sits calmly on the ride and says, “This ride is wild mom.”

I think Addy would have been happy to go on all of the rides if he was allowed to. Grace was a bit nervous of some of them and Eli was just keen to ride.

Grace’s show and other bits & pieces

Grace did a mini show a few days ago for the grandparents who weren’t able to be at the school of ballet concerts

You’ve got to just love the little bit of silliness in the audience before the show

After Christmas comes Lego building time

Grace’s mandala puzzle in the process of being coloured in

Making the foosball table and testing it out

Family games

New Year’s day was celebrated with family and lots of games – Robyn and Chloe spent lots of time with Grace and Eli.




Air hockey

Teaching Barry the rules for Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal (things were not looking good for me at this stage)

Rob cuddles

The second cousin squish

Always good times, lots of food, and fun with all the family who could be here.