Monthly Archives: December 2017

Lego stories

Eli has been loving the box of Lego here – he’s building all sorts of things with long stories about suckers that suck up clouds and make wool, post men with post delivery jets and many many more. He has been in his happy space making creations.

Eli’s creations of the day – his “Lego town”

I was trying to sort out lunch and Adam was being challenging, so I plonked him in the couch, gave him a magazine and told him to look at the pictures.

Turns out it worked. He does like flowers and it was a gardening magazine.

Waffles and ice cream

Time for a sugar rush!

Holidays have begun

Summer holidays are here, so it is walks to the beach, swimming and chilling together time.

Off we go

Guess where we are….

Lagoon time. Addy looks like he thinks it’s cold

Snack time after the swim

Taking a relax on big sis


Gingerbread, the annual tradition of super loading a cookie into an extreme sugar bomb.

This year we stuck to the simpler version and decorated cookies rather then stretching our structural engineering skills.

The children can do this much more independently and the end goal of actually eating everything is achieved much sooner.

Diya’s words, before we even got close to starting, “This is the best day for a hi hundred years!”

Nerf gun wars, fingerboard and hanging out with friends – good times and a great way to start the holidays.

The surprise anniversary lunch

Donné was at the shops, I was working, and Grace had Anna and Nyasha over for a play date. There was lots of activity and excitement asking me to come and see the surprise…which was a special lunch table, including waiters.

The first course was fruit, the second borewors rolls (Donné arrived with lunch at just the right time) and ginger bread cookies which they had decorated themselves.

They even had a planning list

I had a really lovely day celebrating our 15th anniversary, and the children’s effort and surprise was really special and so deeply appreciated.

Chop-chop Addy

Adam was being a great helper in the kitchen today. His supper assist was to chop all the peppers into little blocks.


His baking assist was to help mix the dough for the gingerbread men


Addy’s stories

Adam’s story reading is coming in now – suddenly he has a much greater endurance for reading and he wants to read every night. Top of the pile are the “What the ladybird heard” books and now he is enjoying some Spot stories.