Monthly Archives: June 2017

Ride ’em cowboy 

Adam started practising for his debut in the cowboy stunt show…. 

Punk rocker

It looks like Adam naturally has punk rocker moves (at least until we went over a speed bump – whoa!)

Father’s day

The day started off with Grace making me oats for breakfast in bed, followed by cards from her and Eli, a scarf that Grace knitted and a Dad mug. From there more breakfast with yummy French toast and time with the family.

What was really special though was to share a little bit of our story with our children as we took a trip to the Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens. That’s where I asked Donné to be my girlfriend, alongside the lily feature. That is where the story which lead to me being a father began (around about 16 years ago).

We all enjoyed the time together, so it is a great memory to add to the pages of our life story.


Exploring the gardens


A beautiful maple bonsai


The dad mug


All you need is love – ouch! 

Grace’s class has been learning, “All you need is love,” and she has been bringing back lessons for Eli and Adam. Adam likes the “love, love” part and adds his own twist to it all. 

Addy swing

Adam leveled up on his swinging skills

Addy and the animals 

Even Apple is willing to get some love from Adam these days. 

Adam decided to go fishing for a while

Wishing on dandelions 

A cloudy, cool, but rain free day meant we could get out for a walk to soothe Adam’s soul. He seems to need a bit of fresh air and the walk did him good. 

Gracie found some dandelions to spread on the wind.