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Last day of holidays

Last week Cape Town showed us a taste of winter and although I love winter, the rain and the snuggling that goes with it, I don’t feel quite ready for it.  This week however seems to have brought back a bit of summer which the kids and I are enjoying. 

To celebrate the last day of the school holidays the kids had some fun with friends that included a game of Monopoly, snacks, jumping on the trampoline, making a sneaky (okay not so sneaky) trap for me which included string and stones and of course all good play dates should have at least 2 dance / singing shows. 

A very early game of Monopoly 

Snacks to keep up their strength

A good singing and dancing show 

Good Friday and the crumpets

Reading Jesus’ story together

Adam thinks that Andrew’s cot makes a great play place

Yummy breakfast crumpets 

Hurricane cookie and the lawnmower

It took a very long time to deliberate, but finally the girls agreed on making some cowgirl cookies. When I came down it looked like Hurricane Cookie had been through the kitchen. 

Eli still has his love of gardening with Sam 

In the middle 

Grace and Eli were watching a movie and feeling quite comfortable sitting next to each other on the couch. Adam thought the tiny space between them looked like the best spot, so he clambered over Grace and wiggled his way into the middle, just where he wanted to be. 


It’s holidays…yay!

Marius & Jean

We got to spend the weekend enjoying Marius & Jean’s wedding – braais, breakfasts, wedding, and hanging out together.

Marius & Jean shared some beautiful, heartfelt and deeply personal vows


The chapel


Eli sat and watched the musicians for a long time before the wedding


Addy enjoyed participating in boules (party to turn on the sprinkler and wet everyone playing, and partly to carry the balls around and pack them away)


The children await the ceremony


While the last few things are being checked


Here comes the bride….




Husband & wife!


Receiving speeches & personal anecdotes


It was a lovely wedding to attend and one that seemed just right for Marius. Jean & Marius, may you have a blessed marriage and share many, many years together.

Hikes, canoes and candy cones 

A morning hike, an afternoon swim and canoe, and the start of the wedding weekend celebrations…

Grace really surprised me with how quickly she got going in the canoe today. At one point I did have to give her some directions (left, left, right, left), but she twigged the whole thing relatively quickly. 

A short hike in the morning

Delicious delectables – fill a sugar cone with chocolate, marshmallows and a strawberry, melt and the braai and enjoy