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Adam’s new trick…

Grace’s birthday circle

Grace celebrated her birthday in class today with the rest of the children who have their birthday’s in June. The junior primary birthday circle works a little bit differently from the pre-school. The is no walking around the sun, but they have the opportunity to show some work they are proud of, tell some stories about their life, and show pictures of them at different ages. They also get to nominate three people who to say something positive about them.

Grace, Gemma, Lea and Dean – the June birthday clan


Showing some work she is proud of


A photo walk through her ages (and Eli got to join in too)


The birthday huddle to decide what song they were all going to sing together…the decision? The national anthem.


And then they eat.

Big brother, little brother

Little brothers like to crawl all over bring brothers


I’m not convinced that Adam wanted his face wiped


Rain collecting


It was pouring with rain yesterday, and the kiddies wanted to go outside. Time to suit up in the super awesome rain coats. Off they go and Grace comes back, “I want to collect water so that we don’t have to use so much water so that it is not so expensive.” I then tried to explain how the water is worked on a sliding scale – which it turns out is a bit tricky to explain – so we don’t need to collect water right now, as winter and rain means no watering the garden and very low water use overall. Grace’s response….”I’m going to go collect water so that we don’t have to pay for it.

The three little munchkins

I have the fortune of being able to be the dad to these three munchkins, who I love very much. Thank you for loving me, even when I’m cranky and shouty. You have all changed me for the better.


The love of books

Start ’em young…


I’m really happy that both Grace and Eli enjoy reading, and I’m sure as he grows up Adam will also be a little bookworm. We were at the library this morning, and they both pottered around choosing different books, happy to take as many as they can have. Grace then spent quite a bit of time reading one of her books today, and gave me an overview of the story so far at bed time. I am fascinated at how capable she is with her reading – certainly way beyond the level that we were at her age.

Baby TV

Got my snacks, got my baby TV – let’s watch!