Monthly Archives: November 2015

Painting decorations

Grace and Eli painted some new decorations for the tree



And Donné also made her contribution


Christmas trees and other activities

We always put up our Christmas tree a bit early so that we can enjoy it before going on holiday, and Grace has been asking when it was going to happen. Eli was super enthusiastic. I think he has reached an age where Christmas is very exciting in all its aspects – decorations in the shops, a Christmas tree at home, and I’m sure he’ll be bouncing come Christmas day.





And now a word on how blogs, Facebook, etc. can be entirely misleading:

If you look at the post above you probably think we spent the day playing Christmas music and decorating the tree. Well, actually, those photos are from yesterday. Today we dealt with gastro bugs….not quite the same level of fun. Eli and I have fallen prey to the bug Grace had last week, Adam and Donné are holding out.

Here is a snippet from before bath time:

Duncan: puts down Adam and runs to bathroom
Grace: Dad, are you going to vomit?
Duncan: Blweahh [vomiting]
Grace: Dad, are you vomiting? This is the first time I’ve seen you vomit! [very excited]
Duncan: Blweahh [vomiting]
Grace: I’m never seen you vomit before dad! [very excited]
Duncan: Blweahh [vomiting]
Grace: Mommy! This is the first time I’ve seen dad vomit! [very excited]
Duncan: Blweahh [vomiting]

So remember, the lens of Facebook and the internet is skewed and you shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone online.

Sleeping like an Oinky

I’m not too sure who is copying who, but I think it may have been Oinky who decided to sneak up and copy Eli


Meet Gogo

Gogo came for a whistle stop visit and got to meet Adam



4 weeks old!


Adam is four weeks old today and:

  • has had two 4 four sleep sessions, one last night and one the night before.
  • is overall a calm baby.
  • is being cranky in the day – which seems to be gas/growing related pains/ – but can be calmed, mostly by the moby wrap.
  • is well loved by his family.

Seven billion

Grace knows that there are 7 billion people in the world and when Adam was born she said, “Now there are seven billion and one people!”

I was telling Donné that there was an accident in town today and a motorcyclist had been killed, and Grace (being her ever pragmatic self) pipes up, “Now we just go back to 7 billion people.”

When you have a big sister…

…then you get a pink blankie.


Snuggle time