Monthly Archives: July 2015

The vibe

For one short hour today, something very exciting happened…well, at least exciting to me. Over the past two months or so we (myself, Marius and Charl who all work together) have been discussing working in the same office as a permanent arrangement. Today we were in the same office and between some other things squeezed in an hour on something we’re building dor ourselves. In that hour, we got excited, got some things working and just had fun.

It was inspiring and I’m looking forward to getting the office sorted so that we can have more (and longer sessions)

Chicken or beef?

We were enjoying a delicious roast chicken that Donné made….well, let me back up…more like, everyone except for Eli was enjoying the chicken, and he says, “Want meat.” I say to him, “My boy, you have meat, the chicken is meat.” He wasn’t having any of that though, “Want meat. Chicken not meat.” He may have a bit of his gramps in him.

Eli’s excavation

Eli has decided that we need to add a hole to our garden. Little by little he is making progress.


I’m not sure what he is planning to do with it once it is complete, although he did mention he was digging it for Grace to stand in. He may also just be channelling his Zen – dig a hole, fill it up.


Boring things

Today was the first day of school for the new term, and the day seems to have gone well. Eli had some tears this morning, but that settled quickly and he got on with things. Eli is now in a bridging class, which is all the children who would have moved up to the preschool except that there is just no space left in the other two classes. It is set up as a preschool class, so the equipment is different to the toddler class. The new class also means that Eli gets to have break at the same time as Grace, so they spent time playing together today.

We were asking Eli about his day, “What did you do in class today?” He says (while lying on the floor), “Boring things,” so I guess that tells us something about what he currently thinks of the new class…


The big surprise

This morning Grace achieved a long time goal. She has been working on this for a while, but has never quite succeeded in all her attempts so far.

I was getting ready this morning, shaving, washing my face, etc. with Eli sitting with me asking questions about shaving. I finished up and he was still talking to me as I was walking out of the bathroom. Grace had closed her door so the passage was dark. As I came out of the bathroom, something jumped out of the closet and cried, “Boo!” which gave me quite an unexpected shock.

Grace had finally done it! She managed to give me a fright by being sneaky and jumping out at me.

For a long time she has been trying to give me a fright, but stomping around and saying, “Boo!” just doesn’t work. This morning she figured it out, and I’m quite proud of her for it.

You are…

Grace was having a difficult day today, and certainly frustrating both Donné and I in different ways. At bath time Eli always gets slicked up with an ointment which helps to control his eczema and he was saying that he didn’t want it. I’m getting ready to put it on him and Grace says to him, “Just get in,” trying to give him a way to sneak out of it.

With everything that had gone before I was quite agitated by this behaviour and started, “Grace, you are…” and I took a moment to choose my words. Eli didn’t miss a beat though, “…naughty!” he says. That certainly broke the tension and had us all giggling. I was swaying more towards, “…walking a thin line,” but hey, that’s the way it goes sometimes.

Obstacle roller skates

Grace borrowed a set of roller skates from Rachel and has been enjoying learning how to move around on them (with lots of wobbles). Today she decided that she needed to build an obstacle course for herself, with sticks from the firewood and sports cones.



In other news we also watched The Sound of Music together for the first time today.