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Bunch (n.)

brunch, n. : a meal starting after breakfast and ending sometime after lunch (preferably shared with good friends)

We had a good day, shared with close friends, which went pretty much: eat, swim, eat, swim (all with lots of talking), and I’m sure there was some more eating and swimming in there somewhere too.

Flying cannonballs into the pool


Hummmm…let me see if meditating helps me to float….


Grace the swimming instructor

Grace went for her first swimming lesson with her new instructor, and the class went really well. She especially enjoyed riding the small plastic slide into the pool. They then came home and had a massive swim, with Grace deciding she would be Eli’s assistant in the water, while mommy paid close attention from the side.

Eli was pushing away from the side and going under the water, Grace would then lift him up for a breath and push him in the direction of the side of the pool. Both of them thought that this was great fun. Interestingly, Eli was more water safe in some ways because he was doing the right thing (going for the side) instead of trying to grab one of us.

Instructor Grace


Ice cream….to be enjoyed naked


Swim, eat, dance

Summer afternoons have developed their own little ritual. First it is swim time, then after swimming the kids always have to have something to eat (they insist). After food, it is time for some music….music from Annie, in particular “It’s a hard knock life” on repeat, and they run around cleaning floors, singing, and being crazy.

Welcome to Summer.

Painting ‘air dresser

Eli was painting away happily, and I asked him what he was painting, and he says, “‘air dresser.” I’m not too sure why, but he was painting the hair dresser, or something he remembers from the hair dresser – who knows, but he was having fun.



1st day of school, 2015

Today was Grace’s first day of school for the year, and this year she is one of the “big” kids in her class. Montessori classes have a 3 year range of ages in them, i.e. 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, etc. so she is at the top of the food chain. Her first day seemed to go well, but I do think she is missing Andrew who is now in the junior primary class. She does have other friends in the class, but I think she’ll make some new friends quickly and settle down soon.


Healing hugs

Grace and Eli were riding around the pool while we drank coffee in the morning, and Grace had a minor fall and was a bit upset. DonnĂ© said to Eli, “Go give Gracie a hug.” Off he goes to Grace, gives her a big cuddle, and then kisses her on the head. All better sis, all better. One of those, that’s-so-sweet-I-could-melt moments.

Bundles of fun

We had the Stofberg’s and Baker’s over for a get together today, and one of the things that I noticed was the change in how the children all interact as a group. I’m not sure if it is just a matter of having a bigger group of children, or if there is just a different dynamic when there is a wider range of ages, but the kids are starting to self organise and split off into groups, come back together and form other groups and carry on playing and having fun. The whole dynamic of it is just really interesting to watch.

Something else that I see regularly is how Grace likes to go walking along, singing a song, with a friend in tow. She makes up her own words for the song, belts it out and they play as they go marching around.

Thanks to Mike for the photos!

I’m not sure exactly why, but the trampoline seems to be the place to eat ice cream in our house


Food, glorious food!