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Pyjama pals

Grampa and Eli getting some cuddle time watching TV together in their pyjamas


The Lycra hammock

One of Eli’s birthday gifts was a hammock from Gogo and Gramps and us…although Grace is spending more time in it than Eli. It is a Lycra hammock, which we saw at our friends the Fredricks. We followed these instructions for tying up the hammock, and after drilling some holes it was quick and easy to put up. Grace is loving playing in it like a jungle gym (she likes to go from one level to the other – it is folded into three layers), and Eli loves being swung, rolled and bounced around.

Our Lycra hammock


Grace shows us her hammock tricks

Eli’s transportation party

Donné worked hard and Eli’s party was a great success….and the first party in our new home. Eli definitely had lots of fun riding around on his bike in the street. We had a mini bike “race” around the circle outside out house. Unfortunately there were some injuries, with Grace riding into Hannah, scraping her chin and bumping her ear. The rest of the children had lots of fun zooting around the circle. Our playroom was well used (and well cleaned by Fiona and Christie – thanks!), and everyone spent some time watching the fish. A good party with plenty of playing. Here is the visual tour, along with a video of the bike riding.

Eli’s car cakes





Bar One, jelly bear cars (Grace made this one)


Traffic light brownies


Boat jellies


Plane pizza


Planes, trains and motorbike cupcakes


Traffic light fruit, and little fruit cars


Salami and cream cheese pin wheels


Party packs


The family D singing happy birthday



Ready to race!


The bike race, which everyone enjoyed other than some accidents…

Zoot, zoot, scoot, scoot



Making friends with the neighbours


The invitation


Eli is two

I still can’t quite believe it, Eli is two. It feels like he is still little, but he’s not, he is growing and becoming a little man.

Father God, may you bless Eli in the year ahead. Reveal your great love to him and may he see you filling the world around him.

From us Eli got a three wheel scooter, a helmet, and a set of dismantle/rebuild toys which comes with a toy electric screwdriver. He loves the build & play toys and spends lots of time screwing and unscrewing them, and saying “Zzzz” for the sound of the screwdriver (which is also the sound he makes for real power tools).


Sissie is there to help (and to play with the toys herself)


We had a fun party today which went really well, but I’ll post those photos tomorrow.

Party prep

The day before the party….is full of preparation work, like making yummy treats



I think one of the most challenging things about a move is establishing a new rhythm – the flow of a day and how it fits together to make everything function well. We seem to have the breakfast and school run working well in the morning, but I’m not sure that anything else has quite settled into a rhythm yet.

Establishing that daily flow is definitely being hampered by things like the pool people working on the pool, us painting cupboards in the evenings, preparing for Eli’s birthday on Saturday, the general long list of things that need to be done to make this our home, and just figuring out simple things like how we manage our grocery shopping.

I rely on that rhythm to get my work flow right, it helps our kids pace themselves, and brings sanity to Donné’s day.

I know the rhythm will come, but right now it feels more like a topsy turvy downhill roll – it’s fun, but at the end of the day we’re all a bit tired. Overall though, given all the things that are going on, and a reasonably big life change, I think we’re doing pretty well.

Raucous toads

Yesterday we heard a frog in the garden, but it went quite when Donné looked around for it. Then last night, this frog (and friends) get really loud…loud like monkeys in the garden….loud enough to disturb sleep.

This morning I spotted a frog in the pool and fished it out with the net. Looking at it, it looked more like a toad, and after a brief internet search about noisy toads, it turns out that this is a Raucous toad – which is very aptly named.

The Raucous toad from our pool (one of the two I fished out), around about the length of a palm


They really do make quite a bit of noise (which fortunately only seems to be during the breeding season), and you can get an idea of what they sound like by listening to this toady sound file.