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Deputy Eli

We’re busy getting ready for Grace’s birthday party and there are cowboy(girl) hats around…



Static Sunday



Goldiblocks, eggs and Italian meringue

We had a lovely breakfast with the Parker’s this morning, ranging from poached eggs on wilted spinach through to Italian meringue, which all really just sandwiched lots of good time talking and catching up. Grace and Caleb played together making paper planes, building Lego train sets, and exploring the Goldiblocks. Good times with good friends.

Eli has been enjoying exploring new things, or just engaging for longer periods of time with toys. He was having some fun looking at the Goldiblocks today



Eli loves playing with the Fredricks’ lock puzzle. He drifted off while Donné was visiting, and when she went to find him he was having some fun with the locks.


Dad, you’re a brick

I said to Grace, “Gracie, we need to practise the “th” sounds tonight,” and she said no, she is not going to practice them. So I say to her, “Grace, we’re not going to read stories until we’ve practised out sounds.” She thinks this is very unreasonable and frustrated says, “Dad, you’re a brick.”

I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be cross, but given her behaviour leading up to it she didn’t get the benefit of the doubt and there were no stories at all tonight, and a lesson on how calling people names is rude. I’m not sure where she picked up the “brick” from, but she did think it was very funny and hearing her say it was rather funny.

Peeling eggs

I smiled when I was watching Eli yesterday. He picked up one of the plastic eggs, gave it a good whack, whack on the counter and then tried to crack it into a bowl. It is just not as satisfying with a plastic egg. He didn’t get to crack real eggs, but he did get to peel a hard boiled one today.


Do it for Gracie!

Grace ate her supper really well and Donné said she could have some dessert when Eli was finished his supper. Eli was taking his time and cruising around and Donné said, “Just one more piece of pasta.” Grace picks up the pasta, grabs Eli by the head and tries to feed it to him saying, “Do it for Gracie!”