Monthly Archives: May 2014

No entrance?

Special privileges for Mr Vida…


Morning and evening

Breakfast in bed with mommy


Supper with Grace on the couch (a very unusual occurrence)


Rolling in the sand


Potty training – week 3


We’re now in the middle of the third week of potty training and things are going fairly well. Eli is getting most of his wee’s and poo’s into the potty, and his night time nappy is dry in the morning. If he is running around naked, then he usually goes to the potty on his own when he needs to, and every now and again he actually tells us before he needs to go. We probably have about one to two accidents in a day, but mostly he manages to keep himself dry.

It feels like the main thing that he needs to learn is to be able to tell us when he needs to go. Once he has that skill he will be potty trained.

Nebuliser buddies

Grace and Eli have been sick, with Grace staying at home today. Poor little girl has been continuously coughing all day, and then went on to have a coughing fit when going to sleep tonight. Fortunately some nebuliser time helped her get to sleep.

These two do like to share…



Monkey swing

Grace made a monkey swing over the weekend

Squeezing in

Eli. climbing into Grace’s toy bin, with a backpack as well as a dolls blanket on his back (who knows why)


Eli loves going into Grace’s shoe cupboard and having the door closed. When Grace opens it up, he says, “More, more.” He just discovered he can get onto the next shelf too…