Monthly Archives: March 2014

The mermaid tail


Yesterday Grace and Donné spent some time making a rainbow mermaid tail. Donné cleverly stapled a ribbon to the tail and Grace ran around for the rest of the day super excited about her mermaid tail, saying, “I wish to be a mermaid!” She also spent some time in the bath flapping around in the bath “water”.

Family fun day

Montessori @ Home had a family fun day on Saturday with giant snakes and ladders, mini golf, skittles, sack racing and jumping castle.

Sack race!

Giant size snakes and ladders – the giant dice was a winner with the children


Checking out the skittles….unfortunately Grace liked to throw the ball while Donné was busy setting them up


Eli at 18 months

Eli is 18 months and weighs 12.2kg, is 83cm tall, and wearing a size 5-6 shoe.

At 18 months Grace weighed 11.1kg, was 82cm tall, and wearing a size 4-5 shoe.

Eli at 18 months


Grace at 18 months


Swinging with mom

Grace and mom just having a fun swing together

Doing it together

Eli is a real copy cat at the moment. He likes to see what we’re up to and then follows with his own version.

Reading a book sis? I think I’ll just join you


Sitting on that side of the bath sis? I think I’ll just join you


Boxes to climb

We help out as a collection point for the Ethical Coop, so on Wednesday we have a passage full of vegetables waiting to be collected. And a box looks a little bit like, well, a stair…and stairs must be climbed, especially if just sitting around in the passage. Fortunately he is light (and we generally make sure he can’t get onto the boxes).



Up the cargo net


Eli’s jungle gym skills keep evolving and he can now climb the cargo net on his own. He always surprises us with how strong he is and how adept he is at physical activities. It makes leaving the back door open quite tricky, because we need to keep an eye on him and make sure that he is being safe on the jungle gym. Luckily he has started to figure out avoiding the swing while Grace is on it, and mostly he just climbs up the ladder and goes down the slide. We just need to keep our eyes open and make sure we know where he is.