Monthly Archives: February 2014

The Babel amulet

One of our friends bought Grace a necklace. She puts it on and says, “If I wear my necklace I can understand people.” It seems she has found her own Sofia the First amulet, but hers lets her understand people. Donné was speaking to her and she wasn’t wearing the necklace, and Grace says, “I can’t understand you.” Off she goes and gets her necklace, “Okay, I understand you now!”

Helping dad with some work


Baking with sis

Let’s check that recipe out (see the little tippie-toes)


Stir away brother, I’ll just sip on my drink


Let me help you stir…. (I think Eli was struggling to get out of Grace’s death grip on his hand)


Lunch with Mom

Food + mom = happy




Eli usually comes with to drop Grace off at school, and this morning, as I was busy putting the key into the door to lock it, Eli waves goodbye. And then loses his balance. But where is he standing? Right at the top of the stairs. He loses his balance, falls, knocks his head on the stoep on the way past, and then rolls down the stairs (there are three stairs) – tumble, tumble, tumble.

I got to watch this happen without any way to get to him on time and save him. I just had to pick him up, cuddle him and have a look at the ding he left in his head. Fortunately a little bit of magic mama’s milk and he was laughing and smiling again. My nerves on the other hand were shot for the morning.

Grace apparently decided tumbling down stairs is fun and took a fall down the stairs at school today, with just a few minor scratches to show that it happened. I don’t understand why Grace and Eli feel the need to keep the fall-score even.

I wonder if by default a second child just has worse (and better) parents. I think with Grace we would have just made sure that situation never happened by keeping her away from the stairs, whereas now I’m carrying Grace’s school bag, trying to get her out the door and lock up at the same time. It is just different. The flip side of that also counts though: Eli gets a lot more freedom to try things, mostly because we’ve been through a process with Grace which makes us more relaxed. Eli can climb up the jungle gym ladder and slide down the slide entirely independently, which is something that took Grace quite a while longer to master (Eli has been given more freedom to experiment, and also has a greater drive for this type of thing). More freedom just comes with its own set of consequences.


Eli was standing at the window and a hadeda went, “HAA!” (because in Cape Town, for some reason, the hadedas only say “HAA!” instead of the usual, “Ha-ha-HAA!” – life under the mountain has clearly affected them). So the hadeda goes, “HAA!” which Eli thinks that someone is shouting “BYE!” to him, and he lifts his hand, waves and says “By, by.”

Eli is very into handing things to people: credit cards, food (fresh or from his mouth), toys, cellphones, and the likes. He has also been waking up somewhere between 05h15 and 05h30 which means I need to get up and try to stop him from waking Grace and disturbing Donné (who has been doing night shifts…no, he’s not sleeping through yet). Put these together and his way of encouraging me to get out of bed is to first hand me my cellphone from next to the side of the bed, pass me my clothes from the floor, and then open my bedside cabinet draw, pull out my glasses and hand them to me (which I really don’t like him doing because I don’t have a backup set of “eyes” at the moment…and glasses, all glasses, are a no anyway). Needless to say, saving my glasses from baby hands gets me up and going quickly in the morning. Fortunately he really is just handing them to me, not squishing them in any way. His way of saying, “Up you get Dad! Time to feed me and play.”

Pre bath crazy

Everyone seemed to have lots of energy to burn before bath time. The more I watch this the more it seems like our kids really are crazy.