Monthly Archives: January 2014

Let’s wash those dolls

Grace and Kaiya spent a large part of today washing their new dollies – wash, rinse, dip in dirt/mud, wash, rinse, repeat.


Climbing the huge fig tree at breakfast this morning


Cousin bath time


How long can you swim

I promised Grace yesterday that we would go to the beach while Eli slept and swim until she was too tired or too cold to carry on. So off we went today, and she swam…and swam…and swam…and then it got too late in the morning to be out in the sun and sea and we had to come back to get out of the sun. We were in the sea for about an hour – her endurance is definitely going up (although she was done at the end of the day).

Peaking through the chaos


Cupcake cousins


I am the King of the Fire Pit!


Some downtime watching music videos


Sea, hair, and a little bit of wine…

Enjoying the sea together! At the start of our December holiday, Grace was scared to go into the sea. Now she is jumping waves on her own, being bowled over by them and loving every moment.


Brushing cousin Kaiya’s hair


Look mom, I found some wine! Hic!


“Okay, cousin, that’s enough for you, let’s get you out of here.” Ashe is a real cutie and really sweet.


Waz up?!?


The Grace/Kaiya continuum – day 1

Today was the big day! After three years the cousins are finally reunited, and we all get to meet Ashe and spend some time as a family.

Grace and Kaiya pretty much just played all day, and the parents had to arbitrate when needed. They actually did really well – especially seen as Kaiya is busy recovering from her long trip. If they’re playing the same game, then things go pretty well….if they each want to do something different, well then things don’t go so well. Pretty much like any 4 year old’s playing together.

Group painting


Watching the Tinkerbell movie and snacking after a good long stint on the beach. Grace and Kaiya spoke over Skype at Christmas and Grace told Kaiya about her new Tinkerbell movie she got for Christmas. They then organised (between themselves) to watch it together when they saw each other.


Eli has been full of laughs today


Makeup time

Getting some makeup tips from Gogo….watch out for Eli with that lipstick!


Yum, I like that

Eli can tell us when he likes something…

Grace is loving playing her memory game and shouts, “Whoohoo!” whenever someone finds a pair.


The Painter

Just having some fun with the paint (and then tried to give mommy a shower with the water later…)