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Christmas & expectations

Christmas is a strange time. The air drips heavy with expectation – expectation that somehow on this one day of the year the magic of Christmas is going to happen and everything is going to be perfect.

And yet this great expectation just leads to a greater disappointment. The presents aren’t as great as expected, the family doesn’t miraculously mend bonds that have been broken for years, the after-meal chatter is just not quite as jovial as desired. The perfect Hollywood family Christmas is just not a reality.

But there is something that is real, very real, and that is love. We can’t control how other people behave, we can’t control how other people feel, but we do have control over ourselves and how we respond and treat them.

The only true magic of Christmas is love, and it is something that we all have to give.

May your heart be filled with love, and may you know the love of those around you this Christmas. Have a blessed Christmas!

Lots of love from the Drennans

Merry go round!


Eli’s fort


Attack of the naked baby!


The boys in orange


Oooh, look what I snuck up and found (and note Gramps’ shirt colour)


Water & Christmas

Slip and slide fun





Helping Gogo decorate the Christmas tree


Morning beach fun



This bath is really small, dad

Eli gets a rinse after some play time at the lagoon


Day one and we’ve played in the sprinklers, spent time with “Gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo, gogo,” played hide and go seek, gone to the lagoon and had a family swim. Grace has also done the usual, take-out-all-my-toys-that-I-haven’t-seen-since-last-time-and-play-with-them-all (briefly) routine. It is good to be here and to be together with our family.

Are we there yet?

Eli is all set and ready to go see the grandparents…and he is doing one of his favourite activities – playing in the car. He is actually quite a wild hooligan in the car. He doesn’t really push the buttons or pull the levers, but he does climb over everything like it is his personal jungle gym.

Can we go yet?


Adventures of the naked baby

Sprinklers are fun!



Eli is really enjoying trying to draw


Big boy haircut

Eli has had a hair trim from a friend, some touch ups from mom, and now today, his first proper haircut at a hairdresser. He did surprisingly well, and seemed to go into that, “Oh, this is so nice I’ll just lean in to it,” mode.