Monthly Archives: October 2013

Swinging monkey

I did an experiment today, and it turns out Eli can swing on the monkey bars.


His current mission in life is to find something to climb – chairs, couches, sand pits, beds, out of the bath. What he is doing now is pushing a plastic chair up to his high chair at the table, climbing on the the plastic chair, doing a celebratory dance and squeal of delight that he can reach the table, and then trying to climb up his high chair….which doesn’t generally go too well….yet.


Sack race training

Eli has started training early to be the sack race champion of the world.

Row, row

Eli loves doing “row, row, row your boat” on someone’s tummy. Lie down on the floor with your legs up and along he comes saying “row, row” and climbs on.

Eli saying, “row, row”

Checking out the neighbourhood


The Amazing Grace

Grace is having breakfast and says, “Everyone loves me, because I was born an amazing Grace.” She definitely has the awesome gene.

Grace has figured out how to swing herself. She can’t get herself going, but she can keep herself going.

Family baking

It wasn’t that long ago that it was Grace sitting up on the counter helping to bake. Now Eli is on the counter and Grace is doing at least half the work. There are also twice as many hands to keep an eye on, because, yum-yum that mix is delicious and definitely worth sticking some fingers into.

Grace is counting out tablespoons of sugar while Eli mixes


Licking the bowl afterwards is also twice the fun


Pony friends

We ran into Catelin and her family while on our way to a cup of coffee this morning and the two girls got to spend some time drinking baby-ccino’s, packing rocks, playing in the fountain and riding ponies together. They just had lots of fun.

Romping in the fountain while the brother’s look on


Grace really enjoys watching Zou and often wants to do what Zou did in the episode, so today we built a waterless fish tank, including cork fish, “seaweed” (poppies from the garden), sea animals a mermaid, and the little girl is a diver.


Pat pat

Eli’s speech is developing so nicely and is always a wonder to us, mainly because of Grace’s speaking late due to her oral dyspraxia. He is saying “at, at” for “pat, pat” and “ow, ow” for “row, row”. He sits on DonnĂ©’s lap and starts saying “ow, ow” while rocking backwards and forwards wanting her to sing, “Row, row, row you boat.”

Pat, pat the sand