Monthly Archives: July 2013

Snuggled up and cozy

A monkey and a warm pinguino – that’s all you need for a good night’s sleep



I asked Grace this morning, “Are you wearing a vest?” This is the second day in a row that I’ve asked her. She responds, exasperate, “Seriously dad, why do you keep asking me that question?” Okay, lesson learnt, she wears a vest everyday.

Busy making foam putty creations


Grace’s cat and Donné’s butterfly


Baby suits and bicycle clowns

The little man, nearly ready to go


Grace decided she wanted to carry Eli in her baby moby warp. She just isn’t strong enough to hold him up though and kept collapsing.


Donné is practising for her next circus performance

Hannah’s party

Yesterday we went to Hannah’s birthday party and there was a drumming circle. The thing I loved watching was Grace with her roll. She was hungry just before they started, so she got herself a roll, and then between each beat she would quickly grab a bite of the roll, put it down and carry on drumming. After a while though the noise was too much for Grace and she exited the circle to join Emma in a quieter room.


The birthday girl




Cake time!


Clapping and crawling

Eli has started clapping. Now when he is excited he bops his head and claps his hands.

I just love his super cute crawl – something about it warms my heart every time he goes zooting around.

Have a little yoghurt my spuddy


On the phone….again

I was on the phone at the end of the day and Grace came to call me to come inside. I said, “Grace, I’m just on the phone, I’m coming in soon.” She goes back inside and tells Donné, “He’s still on the freaking phone!” I think she might have heard that one before…