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Basket case



Eli said his first word today, “Baba”! It is doubly exciting because Grace never really had a clear first word (a common symptom of her oral dyspraxia). He was very chuffed with himself and even said, “bye-bye” later, including a little half wave.

Eli’s speech development is going to be an entirely different thing compared to Grace, and it is going to be exciting to share in the joy of it.

Corks and earbuds

It is holiday time, which means more time for arts and crafts. Grace was painting with corks and earbuds today







Fire station

It was the school outing for the term today, and off we went to the fire station, with Grace asking, “Can I ride on the fire engine?”


Flying horses while waiting for everything to be ready


Fire engine!





Eli enjoyed the visit too



Having a go with the fire hose



Cupcakes for Grace’s birthday which falls in the holidays


I think I’ll just sneak in another turn….



Eli is officially cruising! He has mastered the art of pulling himself up at our couches and Grace’s table. So now he pulls himself up, looks for scraps of food or things that Grace has left lying around and puts them into his mouth. He is working hard at getting speedier, and is able to do the 1m dash to grab remote controls which he is not allowed to have.


This is Grace practising smiling with her eyes open…


…and telling a joke about Noddy and his army


Dad…can I pleeeeease have a cup cake? (DonnĂ© and Grace have been preparing them for Grace’s school birthday tomorrow)


Rise up!

Grace was riding on my back like a horsey, and after a few times up and down the passage my knees where starting to take strain (and I now understand why Eli’s knees are bruised). I flopped down flat on the floor and said, “Agh, the horsey is dead.” Grace continues to sit on me and says, “Rise up!”

It took me a while before I did “Rise up!” mainly because I had to recover from the fits of laughter.

Not all it cracked up to be

There has been a big build up to the red toothpaste. I can’t quite remember when Grace first saw the red toothpaste – I think it was Caleb’s and from that day on (probably more than a year ago) she has been asking when she can get the red toothpaste.

With her being nearly four the new red toothpaste was lined up. She finished the blue one, and it was time for the new, shiny red toothpaste. She puts it into her mouth and her whole face pulls back in disgust, she spits out the toothpaste, “Yucky! I want the blue toothpaste.” Sorry Grace, too late for that. The toothpaste is out of the tube, and we’re going to see this transition through.

We did make a compromise though. After smelling the red Aquafresh toothpaste and being suitably put off by the overpowering bubblegum smell, we went and found a strawberry toothpaste. It got the same “Yucky” treatment, but she seems to be getting used to it – at least she is willing to brush her own teeth again.