Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pinned down

I’ve got you Mr. Spicey…now let me think about something.


I really like this collage that Grace made with fallen leaves from the tree and grass from the garden.



Just a little video of Eli crawling.


I am grateful for friends who love us, who would drop everything to help us if we needed, who laugh with us, who cry with us and grow with us.

Father God, may you bless our friends and keep them safe, amen.

In other news today was the first time we came to Eli after a sleep and he was sitting upright in his cot. Time to move the cot down… Mi

Num, num…let’s crawl!

Eli took his first crawl “step” today! He was able to move his hands forward and pull his legs in without collapsing forward. He’ll take two “steps” or so, and then go back to sitting, and he did this a number of times today.

Eli generally enjoys his food, and often likes to say num, num, num when eating….

8 months

Eli is 8 months today! Still not crawling, still only two teeth.


Working on the crawling


The gumboot fairy washes a car

Today was dress like a gumboot fairy day


We’ve been told that we “always” say no to riding the horses, so today we surprised Grace with another turn.


We went to feed the ducks at one of the parks, met a little girl, Cara, and took her pedal bike for a spin. It was the best peddling I have seen Grace do so far.


The cars have been in desperate need of a wash, and today was warm so Grace could jump into her costume to help, and she really was helpful.


Something looks yum in that bowl


It’s a no

Eli was grabbing DonnĂ©’s sponge during sister hugs in the bath, so Grace says, “It’s a no Eli,” and gently pulls his hand away from the sponge. I loved how she was assertive, but gentle. He grabs it again, and she says to him while pulling his hand away, “It’s a no Eli. We don’t share sponges.” She’s going to be a great big sister.