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Do-Do Baby

Grace was feeling much better today, laughing, eating and playing, something we've seen very little of in the last week and a half, which made both Duncan and I very happy.

A beautiful day in Cape Town + a happy healthy girl = outside time on the jungle gym 


A while back my Mom taught Grace that when she puts her dolls to sleep she must rock them and say "Do-Do Baby"  Grace has done it occasionally but this morning she picked up Tracey Doll and started rocking her saying "Do-Do"   

From the other side

How I view parents is certainly very different now that we are on the other side of having actually had a baby. I was thinking about it again while putting Grace to sleep for her nap yesterday.

In the evenings Grace goes to sleep on her own. We say goodnight, put her in bed and then leave her. At the moment there are quite a few trips back to her room in the evening (she seems to mostly just want to cuddle a bit), but eventually she goes to sleep on her own (after anything from 15minues to an hour and fifteen). Afternoons are a different beast – in some ways easier, and in others more difficult.

In the afternoon we go through the bed time process and put her down. The current protocol is to give her 15 minutes to figure out how to get to sleep, and then to go in and help her get to sleep quickly by rocking her. Currently we are struggling to even make the 15 minutes before she is calling for us, but she goes to sleep really quickly once she is rocked.

Yes, rocked, and no, it is probably less than ideal. But it works (for now) and is quick, which lets us get on with the things that need to be done. Also, if we just leave her she gradually gets more and more worked up and just does not sleep. And we need her to sleep – everyone copes with the rest of the day a lot better.

Rocking would have been a big NO-NO before I became a parent, but in practice it is working for us and helping us achieve what we need to. We know it won’t work forever, but also know we might as well make use of it before it stops working.

So when I see other parents doing things which I don’t understand, or which I might consider to be a big NO-NO, I just remember that we all do what we need to do to keep handles on the situation. Sometimes it is just about doing what you need to do so that you can keep it all together.

Grace’s “We did it!” dance

I wonder where she gets those gyrating hips from? Certainly no one in our family like that…no sir-ee.


It was a bit of a rough day for my girls today. Grace was clearly feeling pretty terrible (still not better), and Donné has come down with a cold and is feeling pretty muck (fortunately I seem to have managed to have only a couple of off-ish days over the weekend, but am feeling mostly better).

Grace was super-touchy and crying at just about anything…and crying about nothing…and just feeling really sorry for herself. Donné was pretty touchy seen as she was not feeling too good, which meant the two of them kept bumping heads. Grace was also feeling daddy needy, so there was a lot of "dada, dada" (with the right amount of heart wrenching red, teary eyes, and quivering lip). I had my head buried in work I need to get through. And things appeared to be going in a bad direction.

Okay, time for some dad-tervention. Send Donné off to bed to rest and feel better. Plonk Grace in front of Dora with some food (not ideal, but it it worked). Get some things done (I can now measure work in terms of Dora episodes) and then put Grace to bed. Phew, girls sleeping…all is peaceful. I am glad I could be here when they needed me.

I took Grace to the doctor this afternoon and she has a ear/nose/throat infection. She chirped up this evening, and hopefully she will get better quickly with some medication.

Nut crushing

Grace helping to crush the nuts for breakfast muesli


Although Grace's speech is coming along nicely and she is saying new words daily, which makes my heart very happy, I often wonder what she is really thinking.  We know that Grace's comprehension is amazing and that she is a serious eavesdropper, evident by her little comments. I suppose that is why I often wonder what is going on in her head, what does she really know about the world that she lives in.  So when Grace counted her little people this morning – all 6 of them – and then counted Dora and her 7 friends this afternoon it made both Duncan and I super happy. (You can definitely make out 1,2,3,4,6 and 8. 5 and 7 were a little nondescript). It's things like this which I assume she knows but because of her speech difficulties can't know for sure, and that makes these moments extra special for me.      

Measuring out birdseed.  Grace is just loving measuring out various liquids, grains etc and transferring it into various containers.




Rainy day with friends

I really do feel blessed that even when Grace has "a grumpy, I'm still not feeling great day" I can hang out with friends who love me and love my little girl – thank you Karen.  

Grace inventing a game of soft toy fishing (I really like this photo!)


and rounding them up in the tent