Monthly Archives: July 2011

The shopping fairy

We went out today to have some coffee and get a few things and while we were out went to look at some children’s clothes. Grace appears to have some decent shopping experience. While we were looking at the clothes, she would take a pair of pants off the rack, hold them with the hanger at her waist and the legs lined up with hers, look down to see how they would look on her, and nod happily (then put them back and start the process over again).

We did acquire some butterfly wings in the process….

Fun with Dad

Having a game of slide cricket.  Duncan may need some practice, but Grace certainly thought the game was very funny!

My favourite part of the day

Today was the monthly friends get together, so Donné and Grace went off to the Southern 'burbs for the day. Before these get togethers (or other events) we usually chat to Grace about what is going to happen, both to gauge her feeling about the event and to try to build some excitement. Often she will respond with "No," or turn her face away and "hide" while we chat to her about what is going to happen, but there is usually at least one thing that we can get her excited about (at the moment the prospect of seeing Aunty Mel is getting her very excited).

Even though she often does this, she almost always comes back having enjoyed the day and wanting more. While Grace was bathing Donné asked her if she enjoyed seeing her friends today and the answer was, "Jaaaa….more."

She enjoyed her friends today, but it turns out that was not her favourite part of the day. When I was chatting to her while she bathed I asked her what her favourite part of the day was. After a short while she responded, "Ba!" (meaning bath, and in today's case, a bubble bath).

Grazie Grace and the food colouring!

Three things that stood out from my day:

  1. I asked Grace to pack her bag this morning for our breakfast outing with Mel and when I went to see what she had packed I found the following: 2 puzzles, 3 books, a bowl, water bottle, juice, hairbrush and her slippers. She seemed very pleased with her packed bag.
  2. Grace and I backed cupcakes today.  I asked her what colour icing she wanted and she said she wanted pink and blue.  So I agreed to make both, but while looking for the the blue food colouring Grace managed to empty the whole bottle of pink onto the floor and herself (it only took a few seconds of not looking).  This resulted in some panicked screaming, trying to reduce the damage to clothing and then trying to figure out what to wipe the floor with – with me saying “I don’t know what to do?” and Duncan saying “roller towel, roller towel” Yay for husbands who can think clearly.
  3. While icing her cupcake Grace was standing on her chair and well who knows what happened but she fell off, grazing her chin on the kitchen counter before landing on the floor – so Grace is now Grazie Grace!  

Blowing two whistles….notice the red stains on her jacket. I guess those won’t be coming out.


Individual swimming

Today was Grace's first swimming lesson after the school holiday break. She has now begun with individual lessons where it is just her and the instructor in the water, with me watching from the side. I was not really sure how she was going to be today after the long break and without me in the water, but it went incredibly well. Over the last week we have regularly reminded her about the upcoming swimming class, and today we kept running her through it. She seemed to be really excited before the time, and it turns out she was. What I thought was really cute was Grace sitting waiting for her lesson, pointing at the girl in the water and saying, "Done," as in, "Okay, you're done – it's my turn now."

Spice gets a biiiiig love this morning


Sleeping on the beach

When I went to wake Grace up after her afternoon nap, this is what I found – hands behind her head and one knee up….the same position I sometimes find Duncan sleeping in 🙂   



Donné got Grace some princess sunglasses today….and she loves them.


Eye protection is great while jungle gymming