Fort builders

The fort/treehouse is about halfway done now (hence the zipline being in action), but each step has had its fun and Eli has been helping out with the decking planks.

When they woke up and four of the deck planks were in place….

Eli’s been helping with the finishing work on the decking planks


It is finally here! The fort/treehouse/castle is coming along nicely (still more planks to lay), but the most important feature is now up….

Thank you Gogo & Gramps!

Baker Addy

Adam’s baking is coming in, and he’s enjoying the process (as long as he doesn’t try to do a backhanded flip if the flour into the bowl)

Hot summer days and three boys waiting for the word go to jump in

Hammer time

Work continued and today we were the Drennan family hammerers

It was nice to have everyone involved in the project in some way – hammering, tightening bolts, or in Adam’s case making sure everyone had a supply of nails.

And it’s all level! Whohoo! (thanks to my super sexy helper)

Fort building

The last few days have been all about building the fort – the final Christmas gift (although I know this will keep giving for many, many years)

Fort building photo bomb

Heave ho

Grace and Eli worked together to clear some branches that we cut off to make space for the fort/treehouse we’re busy building. After that they entertained themselves with that rope for quite some time.

Finishing off

Last day in Jbay and what a beautiful day it was.

Last trip down to the sea for some final body boarding

We’ve had some good long walks on the beach with Addy and he has been enjoying the little dunes

Holidays need baking