Daddy’s helper

Grace helped me to put together her little brother’s cot and impressed me with her Allan key skills. It is probably the first time that I have really felt like she was helping with this sort of thing.

It was quite weird to be getting Grace’s old room ready for the new baby. There was a moment when all the sleepless night, rocking to sleep and a white noise filled room came rushing back to me….the best word I can find for it is anxiety….but it is not that. It was the sense of the reality of what lies ahead.

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    Cot helpers - drennan a day September 27, 2015

    […] Back in 2012 Grace helped me put Eli’s cot together, and today it was Eli’s turn to be a big brother to his soon-to-be little brother. Things are coming together for the little man – it is not long before he joins us. […]

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